CoolSpine™ is a medical device start-up that has developed a cerebral spinal fluid cooling platform designed to induce localized hypothermia to prevent neurological injuries by reducing the consequences of spinal and cerebral ischemia. The CoolSpine system utilizes the well-established neuroprotective principle of hypothermia to reduce the metabolic requirements through the rapid cooling of the cerebral spinal fluid, thereby preventing the cascading effects of cellular death.
CoolSpine’s primary targets are spinal cord and cerebral ischemia. The system’s first application is as a spinal cord protection system to prevent paralysis in patients undergoing aortic aneurysm surgery and spinal cord surgery. Paralysis remains a catastrophic outcome in aortic aneurysm surgery with an incidence rate reported in the literature as high as 25%. Our second product for brain cooling serves to provide neuroprotection from stroke, traumatic brain injury, and cardiovascular procedures by cooling the CSF that circulates in the brain.




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