Localized Hypothermia to Provide Neuroprotection from Spinal Cord and Cerebral Injuries

Welcome to CoolSpine

CoolSpine™ is a medical device spin-out from Yale University that has developed a cerebral spinal fluid cooling platform designed to induce localized hypothermia and prevent neurological injuries such as paraplegia and brain damage by reducing the consequences of spinal cord and cerebral ischemia. The system utilizes the well-established neuroprotective principle of hypothermia to reduce neurological injury while maintaining systemic normothermia.



CoolSpine LLC is an early stage medical device company developing a neuroprotection technology that induces therapeutic hypothermia (TH) by cooling the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). By cooling the CSF we can reduce the temperature of adjacent tissue and organs to level known to be neuroprotective. A significant clinical benefit of this technology is that hypothermia is induced locally to the targeted areas while systemic normothermia is maintained. This may reduce the significant complications associated with systemic hypothermia and expand the application of TH as a neuroprotective modality.

We have developed and tested in large animals two prototype products: an intrathecal spinal cooling catheter to address ischemic injuries in the spinal cord and a ventricular cooling catheter to address brain injury.  Results of the animal studies have been published in peer reviewed articles.

Caution: These devices are not for sale in the United States and their use is limited under the regulations of the US FDA for Investigational Devices.